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Vehicle Protection Plans

Why take a chances with your valued investment? will offer you a wide selection of warranty plans so you may have a piece of mind for the road ahead.

A sound investment, undeniable value.
  • ✓ Nationwide protection
  • ✓ Added resale value
  • ✓ 24/7 roadside assistance
  • ✓ Day1, Mile1 coverage
Parts covered include:
  • • Engine
  • • Transmission
  • • Drive axle
  • • Air conditioning
  • • Brakes
  • • Steering
  • • Electrical system
  • • Cooling system
  • • Fluids
  • • Suspension
  • • Interior/Exterior
Interest Rate
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Because we work with so many lenders, and because of the amount of vehicles we sell, we’re able to get you incredibly low interest rates. You’ll be able to finance your car at a fraction of the rate you’d pay if you went directly to your bank. Interested?

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Here are some of our partners...
  • Ally
  • Bank United
  • Chase
  • TD Auto FInance

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