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833 237-8572 is now the number two pre-owned car dealership company in the state of Florida

For, it’s not about sales. It’s about the customer’s experience. often considers itself a “technology” company that happens to be in the car business.

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  • My World on Wheels - A New Car for a New Season How about a new car? These words continue to grab people’s attention. Today, thanks to a variety of factors, you could say we’re witnessing the dawning of a new age: the rise of the pre-owned, easy-to-flip, vehicle. The reasons are many – new generations that love their freedom and are keen on change, the fast… Read more
  • My World on Wheels – Top 5 Pre-Owned Vehicles for Summer 2020 Have you had more time recently to assess your budget? Perhaps even life in general? Welcome to the group. For many people, the current context has led them to think of purchasing their dream (next) ride – on a budget of course. With so many vehicles and options to choose from, deciding on the right make and model can be overwhelming.  After reviewing our inventory, we’re happy to share one of our top 5 pre-owned vehicles that will help you ride into the sunset of Summer 2020. Read more
  • My World on Wheels – Top 5 Family-Friendly Cars Spending extra time with the family these days? That’s definitely the case for many of us. Recently, in fact, I’ve caught myself day dreaming of that new ride for my family --- one that could allow us to better enjoy the proverbial family road trip, especially in these days of domestic travel. With so many models out there, it’s hard to know which type will meet your needs.  Read more


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