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Nice to meet you, we are HGreg.com

We began with an idea. We have always been a forwarding thinking company. The word on the street is: We are pretty awesome.

Our Story

So what are you waiting for?

Come into HGreg.com, fall in love with your new car, and learn more about how we’re single-handedly revolutionizing the way you can buy cars.

Stellar customer service has played another key component in the success of the company.

— Miami Living Magazine (view article)

Meet our Associates

No sharks here.

Meet the Decision Makers

When good friends run a company together, great things are bound to happen, especially when they share the same passion outside of the business. HGreg.com was born through love of cars, interest in design, and flat-out obsession with technology.

Using these shared interests to develop the business and solve a common problem that existed in the pre-owned auto industry, HGreg.com has been able to grow without compromising on our commitment to providing amazing customer service. Our intense focus on quality, paired with the desire to offer high-quality cars at a fair price has helped get HGreg.com to where it is today.