Used Car Dealership near Doral, FL

Doral, FL Residents can Trust for all Their Used Car Sales, Service, and Financing Needs

A used car is a fantastic way for Doral residents to save money on whatever kind of vehicle they’re in the market for, and is the dealership that’ll keep even more of your money in the bank! Whether you’re in the market for a late-model luxury vehicle, a fuel-efficient sedan, a stunning sports coupe that’ll hug the road or a hatchback that you can tool around Doral in with all your gear, we have hundreds of vehicles on our lot ready for you to explore. So we invite our Doral friends to visit our website or the dealership right now!

Whatever used car that’s caught your eye on the streets of Doral, we’ve mostly like got it here on our lot at But not any used car will be sold by us — first, it must undergo a rigorous 140+ inspection before we even put it on our lot, and we only accept 1 out of every 3 cars we appraise. So that sleek and stylish luxury sports car you’ve been salivating over, that compact crossover that you want for your family, or that beautiful large luxury SUV you want to travel around Doral in with your crew — those have already been certified by us before we’ll even sell them to you. And your new used stylish sedan, or your used classic retro muscle car, or rugged truck — all come with a 30 day powertrain warranty, so our Doral customers are in fantastic hands when you make your used car purchase from HGreg.Com!

We have an exceptional Service Department at so we invite all our Doral friends to bring your vehicle that might need a little care to our incredible facility. Maintenance, engine repair, electrical work, we’ll do it all. And if you purchased your used car from us, hold onto your hats, because a — wait for it — 200 year engine warranty as long as you do regular oil changes every 4 years or 4000 miles and used MobileOne oil products — so the Service center a great place do get that done!

Getting pre-approved for financing is a breeze for our Doral friends at and can be accomplished from your home computer. Simply fill out an online, secure credit app on our website and you’ll know your financing options within seconds! We work with over 25 lenders to find you the absolutely lowest used car rates and our finance team are expert at knowing how to structure a deal for our Doral customers with bad credit or no credit.

With our amazing perks and no-haggle prices, the only dealership that makes sense for Doral residents who’re shopping for a used car is, so stop by and see what we have to offer today!