Used Car Dealership near Miami Lakes, FL

Shoppers from Miami Lakes, FL come to for all their Used Car Sales, Service, and Financing Needs

If it’s time for our Miami Lakes, FL neighbors to purchase a late-model used car that’s in optimum condition, it’s time for you to head down to and see what a pristine used car is all about. Our amazing sales staff is non-commissioned, so you won’t feel the pressure, you’ll just feel the fantastic customer service we provide our Miami Lakes friends. So whether it’s a sporty coupe, a luscious and luxurious large SUV or a handsome truck that you need, you’ll get it at a no-haggle low price at right now!

Not every car is fit to be sold by, so our Miami Lakes neighbors can rest assured that you’re getting a used car that’s been reconditioned to the highest standards. Before we’ll even place it up for sale, it must pass a thorough 140+ inspection by our certified mechanics, which means that only 1 in every 3 cars we appraise even passes muster. If you’ve spotted a gorgeous luxury sedan, a stylish minivan, a fuel-friendly compact hatchback or a robust and rugged pickup that you’ve fallen in love with on the lot or website, you can rest assured it’s an amazing car. We also back it with a 30-day powertrain warranty and 3-day buy back guarantee, so it only makes sense for Miami Lakes residents to make their late-model used car purchase from!

If there’s currently a car you own and love sitting in your Miami Lakes driveway that needs a little fixin’, we can handle it at the Service department. We’re open convenient hours and have a state-of-the-art repair facility where our skilled techs get the job done. Whether it’s routine maintenance, a transmission issue or an engine repair, we’ve got our Miami Lakes friends covered. And if you did purchase your car from us, our service department can perform your 4-month/4,000-mile oil changes with MobileOne products to ensure that our jaw-dropping 200-year engine warranty will remain in effect! So even if you’re not around after 200 years in Miami Lakes, the used car you bought from will be!

Getting pre-approved for financing is simple as 1-2-3 for our Miami Lakes, Florida neighbors via the website. Just complete a quick, secure credit app online and before you can sneeze, you’ll know your financing options. Our finance gurus work with multiple lenders to find you the lowest rates possible, even if your credit is bad. We’ll work hard to structure a loan for all our Miami Lakes customers.

The time is now, the time is right, and the time has come for you to leave your Miami Lakes, FL home and head into We’re the dealership that can fix your current car or sell you a pristine used vehicle at an affordable price.