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This all began with a simple idea. We wanted to redefine the status-quo, and now, that’s exactly what drives us every day.

Our Story

Let’s go back to 1993. Surprisingly, it was a lot like today. Drivers needed a dealership to provide high-quality used vehicles, at a fair price. They needed peace of mind, and the ability to trust their vehicles. With those principles in mind, was born.

Greg Hairabedian wanted to provide a refined, yet easier way to buy used vehicles. This vision quickly took feat and he began to build He wanted to create a full experience, rather than just a transaction, and wanted it to become more than just a place to buy a car, but instead a place to enjoy buying a car.

In 1993, he took the automotive world by storm, when he opened the first public dealership. Leaving the industry standards behind, he paved a new road to give drivers what they so desperately desired. set the new standard for pre-owned vehicles. Reconditioning every car, and selling them at everyday low prices, with the ultimate goal to become the go-to for North American drivers.

With their progressive philosophy, it comes as no surprise that is rapidly growing, with over twenty two stores in the U.S. and Canada, along with the largest inventory in Canada. They’ve also quickly become one of the top 10 independent dealers in Florida. Since opening their doors two decades ago, they’ve invested $100 million in their stores to offer over 500,000 satisfied customers the picture-perfect experience when shopping for their dream car. On average, we service some 25,000 customers per year across North America.

So what are you waiting for?

Come into, fall in love with your new car, and learn more about how we’re single-handedly revolutionizing the way you buy cars.

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Stellar customer service has played another key component in the success of the company.

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